"We are first time home buyers and had a great experience using Countryside Home Inspections. We ended up using them two times and both times they were there early and already walking around the house before we even arrived. They were extremely thorough both inside and outside the house, taking us around and explaining everything that they discovered during the inspection face to face. Within a couple days of each inspection we had a long report emailed to us dealing with all of the issues and repairs needed in the house, and each issue was conveniently sorted from major to very minor, letting us know which things needed to be taken care of immediately, and roughly how expensive it would be to fix. This gave us some great ground to stand on since this was so new to us, and made it very easy to walk away from the first house we were looking at which needed more work then we had originally expected. Without Countryside Home Inspections, we may have ended up stuck in a bad situation, instead of finding a house that was a perfect match for us! Thanks CountrySide!!! We are extremely happy with the job they did for us and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to purchase a new home "

- Jared & Vanessa, Freehold

"You guys are amazing! Countryside gave us an incredible experience. As first time homebuyers, this process is new and scary, but Mike and Erik made it very relaxing. They each took the time during the inspection to let us voice our concerns and to voice any major concerns they had. They were technical with my boyfriend, but"dumbed" it down for me every time, making it a very cohesive process.

They were incredibly thorough, down to reporting that the switch plate covers weren't quite flush to the wall. I would have never noticed that, and they did! Overall, the choice to use Countryside was the best choice we made by far during the home buying process. The 25+ page report made me very confident that they noticed absolutely everything and made us that much more comfortable in our huge purchase.  They are the perfect pair, and could not have made me a happier customer. "

- Heather & Keith,  Loudonville


"Country Side Home Inspections was a great company to work with during the inspection phase of our home purchase. As first time home buyers Mike and Erik were very thorough and walked us through all aspects of the home, good and bad. They were great in pointing out some potential problems and discussed possible cost impacts. Since our home purchase I have and will continue to recommend Country Side Home Inspections."

- Bob and Jessica, Greenville


"Countryside Home inspection did a great job and a good piece of mind to any purchase,I am a Mechanical Engineer and I was so "star struck" in finding our dream house that I couldn't concentrate on anything except closing the deal!  Mike and Erik were perfect!  I felt it was very thorough, I was impressed by the amount of time you spent at the home and the emailed report was easy to read and to keep on file. Thank You for doing a great job!"

- Frank & Maria Elaina , Purling